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Re: Star Trek London - All 5 captains to be there!

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The Shamasters DSTL thread has been dead for months apart from the same morons posting "yay! 3 months to, better order my costume!" crap, along with the utterly fatuous postings of people like Bedwell, Sindel and Dwarfbabe who've clearly been left to hold the fort as Joiner's made it clear he's got nothing to say to anyone asking legit questions, and the official Facebook page has been gathering dust since it was set up.
This is exactly the kind of thing I was talking about when I wrote this reminder at the end of August:

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Secondly, while I agree that announcements elsewhere, such as on a board, may be relevant to the event in question, discussing the goings-on of another board is not. It's been pointed out before in this thread so please stop doing, y'all. Thanks.
For the last time, don't drag conflicts or misgivings from other boards over into this one. It isn't that hard.
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