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Re: Harry the Genius does what noone else ever considers...

The Array was completely an option, or they wouldn't have thought it was.

They assumed that the kazon would have sent out a distress signal. We know now that they wouldn't have. A distress signal is just an invitation for annexation from another sect. Meanwhile if there were more ships on Ocampa, they would have already been there attacking Voyager.

More so it may have take them ours to plot a reverse course to the Alpha quadrant, but how many minutes would it have to taken just to fling the kazon who the hell cares where? The array was a super weapon that could hold off an empire easily, a few pirate robber barons in shuttles shouldn't be a real problem.

Hell Janeway wasn't even using her transporter asa weapon. Kazon shields didn't know shit about transporters, and their tech was hundreds of years behind the Federation.. Beam through their shields, they should have been able to shoot through them.

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