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Re: Another "Wonder Woman" show now in early development

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Well i suppose it depends which origin story we go with...

I normally stick to the 'forged by clay' storyline, as that's the one i know readily enough... but the new Wonder Woman comics say that Hyppolyta had an affair with Zeus before the God's left earth, and their affair led to Diana's conception. The truth of her divinity was kept secret in order to protect Diana from the wrath of Hera, whose jealousy was notorious...

So modern storylines put Wonder Woman at about 1800 give or take... given the 'Gods' left Earth somewhere between 200 and 400ad according to DC's timeline...

About the time Christianity left the Roman Empire, in such a case, Wonder Woman would then be the daughter of Jupiter, as Rome was the predominant civilization back then. Still if were talking about a young Wonder Woman it would have to be either in the late Roman Empire or the Dark Ages, so Jupiter/Zeus would have had to be fooling around more recently with Hyppolyta if Wonder Woman is to be a young girl just entering school. If she is an immortal then she'll stay a young adult as soon as she grows up and could be over a thousand years old and not look it. Another thing if Zeus/Jupiter is her father from an affair with Hyppolyta, that makes Hera/Juno her enemy in the same way it did for Hercules. Hera/Juno is famous for her jealosy and taking it out on the offspring of Zeus/Jupiter's affairs.
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