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Nope, he was appointed by the president and his party only had around 33% of the votes when that happened. 33% is a lot but it's factually wrong to claim that Hitler was elected.
In the United States, its possible for someone to be elected with more than a third of the vote if there are three major candidates, having an actual majority is not a requirement, a plurality is what's required, it just so happens that with a 2 party system that we have now a plurality is usually also a majority. Under the US Constitution the candidate with the most votes wins. Not sure what the German constitution said back then, I suppose a coalition government was required if all parties failed to get a majority.

It's often pointed out that the NSDAP never got more than 37% of the vote as if it's hugely significant that they didn't get 50.1%. But as you say, in a multi-party parliamentary system getting an actual majority is a rare and often unnecessary thing. They were still the largest party in 1932 after both the July and Nov. elections. That aside though, yes, Hitler was never actually elected president or chancellor, he was appointed to chancellor as part of a back-room deal to bring stability.
Then the German people made a bad decision by giving Hitler 37% of the vote, and the President made a bad decision by appointing him Chancellor. One of the reasons I don't like Parlimentary Democracy is its tendency to obsfucate accountability. The Germans could say, "It wasn't our fault, we just gave him 37% of the vote." The President could say, he had to appoint Hitler as he was the only possible chancellor. Some German Generals did plot a coup against Hitler, You may have heard of it perhaps Operation Valkrie, the main problem is the Generals waited too long before attempting this, long after Hitler cemented power.
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