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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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This. No such episode exists, for one thing. It's more likely to be recovered deleted scenes or a some kind of obscure special or commercial (like Riker when he did those PC commercials).

Reminds me of the Star Trek Borg game (which was shot on the actual sets), and the Star Trek The Next Generation Interactive VCR Board Game (haven't seen the VHS tape, but from what the box says, the VHS contained footage shot right on the TNG sets). So it would be nice if, as a bonus on these Blu-rays, if they could find these odd tapings and show them, just like they are putting the original trailers on the episodes.
I still have my Star Trek Klingon and Star Trek Borg CD-ROMs. I had them for my old Dell. They were basically point and click live action games but yeah they used real sets (Borg used the Voyager set) which was pretty cool. And John de Lancie was actually great as Q in Borg.

I also still have the Interactive VCR Board Game. It was filmed on the E-D set and starred Robert O'Reilly but not as Gowron. The basic story is he's a disgruntled Klingon who is fed up with the peace with the Federation and steals the ship (yeah, I know) from something that looks remarkably like Starbase 74 from 11001001 (). They use lots of footage from that episode in the docking and theft sequences. Most of the time you see the warp starfield on screen but "Gowron" will pop on every once in a while to affect gameplay (like whoever's turn it is must miss a turn). Definitely on my more rare side of collectibles I think.

Oh btw, if you don't regain control of the ship within the hour, they show the Yesterday's Enterprise battle scene followed by "Gowron" freaking out as the ship spirals out of control followed by the "Cause and effect" explosion.
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