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Re: Gaping Hole of Troiyus

Whether or not they were called replicators, the simple fact is they were only shown to provide food, nothing else. Sure, in Catspaw, we were told the Enterprise could create gemstones, but we were never told how or how long that would take. There was no indication they would come from the wall slots. Scotty called them "Food synthesizers" in Tribbles, yes? I was always of the mind they weren't creating food as much as delivering it. There were too many references to "the galley." I envisioned people making food and storing it. Then when you placed your order in the slot, it was beamed in or something. The food slots seemed a tad too magical for me sometimes.

If you want to put TNG era names on it, then call it the Food Replicator, because they were never shown to create anything else (food includes drinks, by the way).

No gaping hole in that regard, sorry.
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