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Re: Star Trek London - All 5 captains to be there!

From experience, I don't discount the foreign interest, but I also don't discount the fact that Shamasters crew have been told what say to anyone that asks. How do most of the 18 yr old kids that SM get to crew know that unless they've all been told it?

When Creation came here and couldn't make a profit because the numbers were so low, where were the Germans then? I know the Germans have Fedcon every year which gets a good quality line up and good attendance, so there's clearly more interest in Trek cons in Germany that in the UK, but I still don't know any experienced Trek con attendees who believe Joiner's sold 10500 tickets. By that reckoning, 3/4s of tickets sold will probably have gone to Germans/mainland Europeans. But then experienced Fedcon attendees should also recognise when they're being ripped off.

A lot of UK fans will have blindly thrown their money at this event, but there still aren't enough of them plus the Germans to make up the figure that Joiner's boasting of. And remember, he's as good as admitted that he can't sell tickets for the Sunday.

And a week ago, Joiner, in a blatant attempt to try and stop people going to DSTL on the Friday, and getting them to go on Sunday instead, posted that all the Patrick Stewart photo ops for Friday had sold out. A week later, the DSTL site is still saying Stewart photo ops for Friday are still available, so either the website is illegal and Media 10 needs to be crushed by Trading Standards, or Joiner's a lying sack of shit, which we all know he is anyway. I'm certainly not paying 29 just to find out if there actually are still Stewart photo ops on sale for Friday. It's quite amazing that the tiny number of people talking about DSTL online haven't picked up on this. Where exactly are all the 10500 people who've bought tickets for this event? They're not talking about it on any of the major forums that's for sure. This thread is partial testament to that. The Shamasters DSTL thread has been dead for months apart from the same morons posting "yay! 3 months to, better order my costume!" crap, along with the utterly fatuous postings of people like Bedwell, Sindel and Dwarfbabe who've clearly been left to hold the fort as Joiner's made it clear he's got nothing to say to anyone asking legit questions, and the official Facebook page has been gathering dust since it was set up.

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