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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Aren't the recruitment missions at the Academy/Qo'nos (Officer Exchange Program) part of it?
probably, just wanted to know if there were any other locations to camp at where high-value DOFF missions would pop more. Hard to get Recruitment missions, and while the rest of mine are done, I'm just finishing Level 3, so need another 50k points there. Tough to get 50 points at a time...

If I join one of the TBBS fleets, am I expected to get heavily involved in PvE or PvP? I don't usually have time to be around for lengthy fleet missions and haven't actually done any STFs or FAs, but am willing to put in time running starbase missions and the like. Not sure it's worth it but I want a VA version of my Luna and the only options are Fleet ships... also the only Tier 5 Science vessel options which have 2 Tac, 1 Eng and 2 Sci slots are all Fleet.
No expectations. Run PvE to help other Fleet guys, run anything that gets Fleet Marks to donate, gather supplies to donate to the Starbase build, anything you like. We're not overly strict, pretty much do what you can to help, and don't be a leech. That's about it...
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