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Re: Gaping Hole of Troiyus

I wouldn't get too hung up on terminology. The important thing is what seems possible or what does a particular device appear to be doing rather than what it's called.

The TOS E did have some form of replication tech aboard even if it wasn't called that. I envisioned the food processors working quite similarly as the TNG era ones only the slots are closed while in operation as opposed to always open as they are in TNG. For TOS it certainly would be cheaper f/x wise.

Indeed a lot of TOS' tech can be rationalized by more familiar science even if the terminology is different. I've long thought nanotech has to have been part of TOS' as well as TNG's science even it was called something else or even just not specifically referred to. TNG didn't introduce nanotech to Trek, but rather intelligent nanotech (the nanites). That suggests nanotech has been around for awhile even if called something else.
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