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TIL that after spending most of the day in the ER on Saturday, I did *not* have a heart attack, thank God!

Woke up Saturday morning, and within minutes had a very intense pain in my upper left back. Laid back down with a heating pad which helped, but the pain was starting to move around to my chest (!). Got up to take a shower, and ended up passing out in the shower. Had to get my very scared kids to call my wife who was out at a meeting to come take me to the ER. Got a few new holes poked in me and about 2 dozen sensor pads attached (lost quite a bit of chest hair to those). Passed out again in triage, but that was after they took some blood. (I don't do well with that stuff.) After several hours and a few different tests, they determined that it was *not* cardiac-related, but likely muscular/skeletal and not life-threatening. Have to follow up with my doctor later this week. But I was quite panicked and freaked out most of the day (not to mention my wife & kids), not something I want to go through again.
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