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I must dissent.

I love Ken Ray from his MacOsKen podcasts. But, despite his enthusiasm for the project, they get important details wrong.

I applaud the effort, but they need a Talmudist to do a little fact-checking.
I must ask then - what "important details" are they "getting wrong" ?

It's easy to criticize something with that particular item; it's another thing to back it up with evidence to prove it. i'll gladly eat my words if they have gotten some things wrong, but I'd like to know, specifically what you're referring to. Is it just one fact? Two? Or several? If so, what are they?
I wish I could give you details. Trust me, I'm not just criticizing for the sake of being ornery.

Because I AM a fan of Ken's, I tuned into his first and subsequent endeavors.

I like what they're doing. I like their approach. But they are getting some facts wrong.

Unfortunately, I have not listed them. Nor am I likely to. But they are glaring to me, as they would be to any 50-year-old fan who has seen, read, listened, watched, etc. EVERY thing about TOS.

I'm not trying to be a self-aggrandizing terminally weird fan. I'm sorry that I don't have the time to re-listen and make notes. Next time I catch one, I'll try. But let's face it, I'm usually listening with other things going on.

But I know what I know, Doctor.
Sorry, not buying it. As I said - it's easy to criticize something, but you're not even backing your assertion up. You claim they "got things wrong" and need to do more "fact-checking" but aren't even able to offer even one example of what you are claiming is the major fault of these shows for you.

I declare shenanigans. Nobody's asking you to re-listen to any of the shows. But for crying out loud, you're just blowing hot air here. Let me guess - you also have inside info that Rick Berman did plagiarize Babylon 5 for DS9 also, but can't name your source, right?
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