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Re: Another "Wonder Woman" show now in early development

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But Thor was the son of Odin, not Zeus, and Storm was a mutant, not a Demigod at all, while Thor was a full god. Probably Wonder Woman could attend Camp Half-Blood in the Percy Jackson novels. Another character in those novels could fly by controlling the winds and getting them to blow him around. Some versions of Wonder Woman can fly, so I wonder if this one does, or does she have an invisible plane? Wonder Woman would also have to be part Jedi to use those bracelets to deflect bullets.
Or be gifted with the speed of Mercury/Hermes. Oh wait, she was!!!!
Speed usually comes with strength, you need strong leg muscles to run really fast. Superman can go fast because he's strong. Separating the two abilities doesn't really make sense, for instance the Flash is fast but not strong.
Wonder Woman is strong and fast. She's probably as strong and fast as Superman. Both are gifts from the Gods in her case. Superman is strong because he's a Kryptonian living on Earth. On Krypton his strength might be average.

The Flash is probably stronger than most humans, but his speed is also related to changes is his physiology. His has control over every atom in his body. Even in the real world, a runner is going be different than a weightlifter.
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