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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Well, I hope Cryptic will be able to think up an alternative because more and more governments are viewing lockboxes as gambling that is accessible to children. I foresee more and more countries and states introducing some form of legislation to restrict such gaming mechanics or even outright banning such games in the coming years.
It'd be far more economical to just prohibit those under 18 than to replace such a lucrative revenue stream, and better for us, because the alternative is nickle and diming EVERYTHING or going back to subs. They won't do the latter; STO could have stayed on subs and lived, but going back would kill it, and most of the rest of PWE's games couldn't exist in the US with subs. CO would be gone if not for F2P; now it's making a healthy profit, and should grow even more with CoH out of the picture.

(Which, despite some ridiculous internet rumors, didn't have a thing to do with Cryptic.)
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