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Re: Help me find a Star Trek book

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There was a second "Files" magazine called The Star Trek That Never Was. As I recall, both "books" consisted of rejected story pitches or outlines from the extant three seasons of TOS.
Nope, Never Was covered many of the same Phase II outlines that the Reeves-Stevens book did. Which is why I don't still have it -- I felt it would be redundant.

IIRC, there was a problem with the two "Files" issues. I think the blurbs on the back were accidentally transposed?

Ah, Steve Roby's site says:

They were badly laid out, often badly printed, badly designed inside and out. The contents sometimes bore only a passing resemblance to what the title promised. For example, one Files Magazine title, 1985's The Star Trek That Almost Was by John Peel, is supposed to be about Star Trek Phase II, the unfilmed series from the late 1970s. Instead, it's a collection of summaries of unfilmed story treatments from the original series, nine in all. Thirteen pages of text is padded out to 47 pages with a lot of photographs, at least one used twice a couple pages apart. Another John Peel File from 1985, The Star Trek That Never Was, does have some information on Phase II. There's nine pages' worth of text, lots of photos (not from Phase II), then a section on the music of Star Trek, with perhaps six pages of text and more photos. At least one book, four years later, credited one author on the cover and another on the title page (Gross and Van Hise respectively, Trek: The Lost Years).
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