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Re: Kerbal Space Program

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Not really my type of game. I do watch all the KurtJMac-videos, but it's a bit to much of simulator and not enought of a game (yet?) for my taste.
I'd say it's a good balance of simulator and cartoony fun. You can do the complicated stuff like landing on the Mun and all the planning and testing that goes along with that, or you can just build crazy rockets and planes and see if you can make them work. Here's a silly example of a rocket-powered helicopter thing that I saw on the forum.

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I like the idea of the game, but I'm not digging the Blender style graphics. For me personally, anything that deals with space flight should feature cutting edge graphics. A simulator especially, although Microsoft are leading the simulator race with their "not-exactly-ultra-realistic" Flight Simulator series.
It's an indie game being developed by a half-dozen people in Mexico, the graphical quality is going to be closer to Minecraft than Halo. And keep in mind that the planet Kerbin alone is over 1,000,000 kmē and you can land at any point on it, and it's planned for there to be about a dozen planets and moons in the game for you to explore. The textures aren't going to be the best quality, but that doesn't in any way detract from the fun of the game or its challenge.

That being said, the 0.17 update that's coming out sometime this month will allegedly improve the graphics a bit.

I finally managed a successful Mun landing last night, and I had just enough fuel left over to return somewhat safely to Kerbin.

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