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Re: Who likes Spock/Uhura too?

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The reader conceded that this sort of thing went on in the original show, but thought that it didn't belong in a modern-day STAR TREK book. And I've occasionally run into other fans who maintained that sex and romance had no place in Trek. I admit this baffles me.

People don't have hormones in the 23rd century?
This reminds me of a rather passionate and possibly offensive parody/rant I once read in a magazine by a VERY disgruntled fan upon seeing The Next Generation for the first time in '87. He postulated that the crew must recieve doses of a new drug, "anabolic estrogen" which builds muscle mass but unlike anabolic steroids, arrests any hostility and anger. The crew are left unable to engage in anything more than platonic relationships, which has led to such a population decline in the Federation that Starfleet Academy now accepts a single applicant per year (no doubt in reference to "Coming of Age")

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