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Re: Product placement

Mr_Homn wrote:
and it's not a TNG concept, actually. "no money in 23rd century" was first mentioned in the voyage home, which came out before TNG. It was a gene roddenberry concept and he retconned his universe. Sorry if it's disappointing to you
Then they retconned the recon. Big deal. Suddenly there are less lines you have to ignore than you did before the original rewrite.

As for big corporations existing in the future - thats an idea thats been around forever. Just look at Mr Scott's Guide to the Enterprise, which lists the manufacturers of the Enterprise's components, weapons etc. Look at FASA's RPG suppliments that give each of those conpanies a logo and a backstory. The now-defunt Experience the Enterprise website even mentioned one of those old companies, Leeding Engines Ltd., as the manufacturer of the 2009 Enterprise's warp nacelles.

If future-Apple is the supplier of Starfleet's PADDs in the 23rd century, it'll be a cute in-joke, and also fit with a lot of the Trek I grew up with.
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