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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

intrinsical wrote: View Post
I just bought the Regent and I got to say I like it a lot more than the Galor.

Not that the Galor is bad. Almost nothing could penetrate its shields and it often takes the combined beating of 5+ ships to bring the Galor down. Which kinda makes the ship very boring to play since all I was doing was mashing the same sequence of buttons again and again.

The Regent on the other hand, is crewed by 2 Engineers, 3 Tactical officers and NO science officers. All it has is a single Aux2SIF hull heal but in exchange the ship deals a lot more damage than the Galor ever could. It is a riskier config which makes the ship a lot more fun to command.
You realize, the Regent has a Lieutenant Universal Station, you can use science officers there.

The Castellan wrote: View Post
Still wondering if weather to be an engineer or science. How should the Miranda be fitted out, since I'll probably be using this one for awhile once I get things going.
Actually, you probably spend just a few hours in the Miranda. Just use gear from loot drops and you will be fine. No need to invest energy credits, which you won't have enough of in the beginning.
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