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Re: VOY: The Eternal Tide by Kirsten Beyer Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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I wonder, with Vanguard gone, could that possibly give another spot to Voyager in the publishing schedule? I'd love to see Christopher's take on the Delta Quadrant now. His "Places of Exile" was my favorite Myriad Universes story.
Wonderful idea! Christopher is excellent at world-building, sense of wonder and characters, Imho. Plus, he strives to make the fictional concepts as scientifically accurate as possible and weaving it into the plot. This is not meant to say that Kirsten isn't excellent, but it could increase the outpot to more than one novel a year.

Isn't it awesome to have two novel series delving into the unknown and being on the exploration course again (thinking of Titan and Voyager)? It balances quiet nicely with the politically oriented series. DS9, with its access to the Gamma Quadrant, could be the middle ground between the two parts of TrekLit.
While i agree that christopher is one of the best trek authors - i really think voyager should be left to kirsten for as long as she wants it. She writes the characters better then some episodes. Its her sandbox .. let her play in it
Have you read The Buried Age by Christopher? The first time I ever saw a writer correctly write Janeway, down to her body language. I mean, the guy could write her body language!!!
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