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As far as i am concerned the Obama foreign policy is incredibly dangerous and they are more of a threat to the country then the Tea Party. The dems have tho government which scares me more then the Tea Party. They are well organised and not wery to nice.
Which parts of Obama's foreign policy agenda are you so afraid of and how are they more dangerous than some of the rhetoric the extreme right has used toward say Iran and Russia?

You know, on second thought, never mind. This is getting too far away from a discussion about the show and into just a regular political discussion.

About the Lugar thing. Like i said he should be willing to criticize dems on air like David Frum. If he is unwiling to do so he is probably a dem mascarading as a Frum Republican.
You know it's just a drama series and not a real news program, right?

And again I see little relation between the Lugar comment and what follows. I gave you a reason why MacAvoy was going after the Tea Party and what faction of the Republican Party he supposedly represents. Now, the show is written by a very liberal writer, so granted he exhibits relatively few Republican traits, but I'm telling you what he's supposed to represent within the context of the series: a moderate old school Republican.

Does the TNZ has different rules? Do you have to put in a special request?
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