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Re: is star trek DS9 best star trek series

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The stupid vision needed to get betrayed. Onwards and inwards, enough with evolved humanity.
That 'stupid' vision is the reason why TOS and TNG are still the most popular Trek shows.

In your opinion, which isn't fact.

DS9 is, in my opinion but not fact, the best of Trek. Because, even though the Utopian society Gene created was shown to have some flaws (as it would in real life anyway) it was far more a mirror to society like TOS was, then any other Trek show.

Thinking that DS9 betrayed Gene's vision is something I can't agree with. Gene wanted Trek to show the things that were wrong in our society, in a tv show where humans had evolved past such behaviour. The thing is, not ALL humans will 'evolve' like that. Some people will make the same mistakes we are making now. DS9 showed not only this, but also people better then that. Meaning it showed us not only what we could be, but at the same time gave a good example of what we need to leave behind.
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