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It shouldn't be a partisan issue. The Tea Party represents more of a threat to the Republican Party than they do to the Democrats, and moderate Republicans shouldn't just circle the wagons around a perceived attack against their party, because the attack is coming from inside the circle.
Hawkish dems represent a threat to the dems, nobody is complaining about that. Isn't a Tea party just going back to the reeots after the compassionate conservativism of Bush?
No one is complaining because no left wing analog to the Tea Party exists. What faction of the Democratic Party compares in size, scope, organization, and mission to the Tea Party and where are the 45 Congressional votes they represent?

That's key right there. Will is representing people like respected six-term Indiana Senator Dick Lugar,
Lugar is not in the House of Lords, his retirement is not a tragedy.
That is not a rebuttal to anything I said in the slightest. It's a meaningless comment.

If you just want to discuss politics (or just throw out more platitudes about the GOP and Democrats), come on down to the election subforum of TNZ and discuss it to your heart's content.
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