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Re: Another "Wonder Woman" show now in early development

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So basically NOW Wonder Woman is a Demigod, much like Hercules and Percy Jackson in the Percy Jackson novels. In Percy Jackson novels, Demigods are mortal, they age, but they gain powers from their godly parent, in Wonder Woman's case those powers would include the strength of Hercules, since Zeus is the god of the sky, she might have the power of flight or she might not, I don't think she can cast lightning bolts.
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That's Thor's gimmick.
...and Storm's.
But Thor was the son of Odin, not Zeus, and Storm was a mutant, not a Demigod at all, while Thor was a full god.
This reads as if you're arguing with yourself. No one has suggested she can cast lightning.

Some versions of Wonder Woman can fly, so I wonder if this one does, or does she have an invisible plane?
A plane? What are the odds she even has a driver's licence?

Probably Wonder Woman could attend Camp Half-Blood in the Percy Jackson novels.
Wonder Woman would also have to be part Jedi to use those bracelets to deflect bullets.
Reality check, please.
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