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Sweet Jesus there's an EVIL LEAPER On Drop dead Diva!

It's a miracle that this show qualifies as science fiction.

It's a safe bet I'm the only the only one watching this garbage because the womanly bits inside my soul are far more pink and frilly than yours...

(First principles)

A dimwitted model dies, escapes heaven and reanimates the corpse of a lawyer inheriting said lawyers life and '"intellect" and size 16 bum which creates a wealth of comedy as she tries to integrate herself into a totally alien lifestyle from which she knew.

Season 3 just finished.

Do I really need to say spoilers?

%99 of you have never heard of this show and the rest of you avoid anything on that close to Army Wives on principle.

So the model in the lawyers body is about to get married FINALLY and then the camera pans up... REALLY UP... All the way to Heaven, and we see the original owner to the lawyers body who is really pissed at the frivolous and stupid and mindless and vain life that this freeloading freejacker had done with her life...

(You see where this is going?)

The lawyer lady trapped up in heaven VOWS to escape and make this *&% rue the day that she stole her life!

Evil Leaper.

And who the writers chose for the lawyer to leap into is outright hilarious.

Game changer.
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