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I was mostly objecting to the idea of trying to impose some sort of utopian moneyless society on TOS and the new movie, which always struck me as more of a TNG thing.

TOS was always more about the rough-and-tumble final frontier . . . .

I love TOS, but a lot of stuff was retconned.

Does anyone really buy that women can't captain a starship in the 23rd century? Of course not, so this is largely forgotten and retconned.

The appearance of Klingons was explained in Enterprise. So now we are to believe that all those TOS klingons were actually descendents of plague victims. That obviously wasn't the intention in 1966. Retconned.

Early Trek episodes refer to Earth ships, Earth bases, Earth outposts. The agency the Enterprise works for is the United Earth Space Probe Agency. Then in "Court Martial" UESPA becomes Starfleet and in "A Taste of Armageddon" Earth is replaced with Federation. TOS retconned itself on this one. Enterprise made an effort to explain it later, though.

Vulcan having no Moons? Retconned

The whole "We have no use for gods. The one is enough" thing... I don't think anyone would argue that the federation or humans all agree that there is one god. Retconned

The Squire Of Gothos containing dialogue placing the show 700 years in the future instead of the 23rd century. Retconned...

There are more, but I don't feel like going on and on.

It seems to me that the money existing in the 23rd century issue was just another retcon, since Kirk said they don't use it.

Now, I guess if you want to turn this around on me, you can say that Nutrek is retconning a lot of stuff too, and thats why these companies can still exist. But if they went through the trouble of connecting their universe to the same past of the old universe, why ignore all the history? It should have been a hard reboot so this kind of stuff could be avoided. They had a chance to clean the slate, but they didn't.
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