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Re: Product placement

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As far as tng-era concepts... We are talking about star trek canon. This is pre TOS history according to the canon. World war III had serious effects, and it seems largely ignored in nutrek. It would appear that there WAS no world war 3 at all if these present day corporations are still fine and dandy in the 23rd century. If it had been a hard reboot, it wouldn't matter. But they decided to connect Nutrek to the old universe. they can't have it both ways. (well, obviously they can, and they did, but i'm still gonna call B.S. when i see it )

I wish it was a hard reboot, but they decided to take on all the historical baggage of pre-kirk. But they largely ignored it.
Well, I wasn't really thinking about the product placement bit anymore, which I barely noticed when watching the movie. I was mostly objecting to the idea of trying to impose some sort of utopian moneyless society on TOS and the new movie, which always struck me as more of a TNG thing.

TOS was always more about the rough-and-tumble final frontier . . . .
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