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Even if there was some sort of currency used within the federation in the 23rd century, there's nothing indicating outright that federation citizens used it for personal gain or use.
Again, you're falsely assuming it's proven that Harry and Cyrano somehow weren't Federation citizens. There is no reason to assume that, except that you don't want them to be Federation citizens because it would prove your assumption wrong. It's completely circular reasoning.

The idea of current day cell phone and beer companies surviving world war III when most major cities and governments have been destroyed/dismantled? I don't buy it. It makes no sense.
It makes just as much sense as the fact that so many familiar cities, nations, societies, and pieces of cultural heritage survive intact after WWIII despite what Riker claimed in FC. Maybe Riker just exaggerated. Again, one should go with the preponderance of evidence. You can't just ignore a whole pile of evidence in favor of one outlying data point that contradicts all the rest.
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