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Even if there was some sort of currency used within the federation in the 23rd century, there's nothing indicating outright that federation citizens used it for personal gain or use. It's clear that currencies were used when dealing with outsiders though.

The idea of current day cell phone and beer companies surviving world war III when most major cities and governments have been destroyed/dismantled? I don't buy it. It makes no sense.

Christopher wrote: View Post
Says the guy who can't be bothered to check Memory Alpha to find out what all my city references were about. If you're going to be this childish and rude, I won't continue the conversation.
Hilarious. You were the one telling me I would fail history classes and insulting my reasoning skills. Extremely condescending. I responded in kind. Pot calling the kettle black, always amusing.

I'm not going to bend over searching for all these obscure references that probably don't hold water anyway. Explain your argument, don't just randomly list cities and expect me to do the work for you.

Riker said most major cities were destroyed, and few governments survived. I think the situation was pretty clearly stated.

Who the hell said they had an "agreed-upon religion?" They never said that.
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I said it was implied. Obviously not an idea that was held onto, much like the idea of money being widely used in the federation. Lots of TOS ideas like that were scrapped. Like Women not being allowed to fly a starship.

Trip Tucker said that 1940s New York City was not like the one he knew. Chekov mentioned being familiar with Moscow. Hoshi Sato was born in Kyoto and had a pen pal from Brisbane. Devinoni Ral was born in Brussels. Dr. Paul Stubbs once observed nanite production in Dakar. Lisbon was where Admiral Leyton sent Red Squad to sabotage the global power grid. Dr. Phlox attended Mass at St. Peter's Square in the Vatican, an enclave within Rome.
As I thought, none of this proves anything you were pushing. There's no explanation offered, and since Riker said most major cities were destroyed, it's safe to assume much of them were re-built as well, as a symbol of human endurance. If anything it helps my argument. Trip not recognizing 1940s new york? 1940s new york doesn't look incredibly different from today's new york. Surely it would be recognizable to him... unless it was completely destroyed and later rebuilt.

Also, Devonani Ral born in Brussels? What the hell? That was never stated in the episode. That is not canon. You are not being intellectually honest now.

Looked it up, and it was in the script but never filmed. If you are counting that kind of stuff, then it only adds weight to my argument.

From First Contact script:

Regional wars, the collapse of the United Nations. Societal break-down. Crime, starvation, desperation. -- A Third World War. Nuclear explosions, environmental disasters, tens of millions dead. The United States ceases to exist. All political authority vanishes. Humanity teetering on the edge of the Second Dark Age.

obviously, though, script notes do not count, or I would have already brought that into the argument. If it isn't on screen, it isn't canon.
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