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No you didn't. Some pertained to the federation, which I addressed, but most didn't. The others dealt with outsiders.
That is not a fact, that is your assumption. There is no evidence that Harry and Cyrano were not Federation citizens. Carter Winston clearly was a well-respected Federation citizen -- hell, he was engaged to marry a Starfleet officer! And of course Kirk, Spock, and Scotty are UFP citizens, and the majority of my examples pertained to them.

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"Most likely" based on what evidence?
Based on the fact that he uses vestigial idioms all the time. "Mind the store" being a popular one. I already pointed this out.
That doesn't prove anything in and of itself. I'm sure you've used archaic expressions like "going off half-cocked" or "loose cannon," but that doesn't mean that I can assume any random thing you say is only a figure of speech. Not without further evidence.

Lol, history class? what are you on about? It was retconned. Sorry it upset you so much, but it clearly was.
Okay, your replies are just getting more and more obnoxious. Just because it's your opinion, that doesn't make it an inviolable fact of nature. The people whose opinions can be trusted are the people who are honest enough to admit they can be wrong and to check and question their own assumptions, rather than just shooting down everyone else's out of hand.

The Original Series also suggests that the federation has an agreed upon religion. A lot of it's inconsistent details can be glossed over to make the star trek universe consistent.
Who the hell said they had an "agreed-upon religion?" They never said that. They showed that several members of the Enterprise crew seemed to believe in a deity. That doesn't show it was a state religion or whatever the hell you mean by that odd phrase, just that those individuals believed it. And we certainly don't know that there aren't individual believers in the 24th century as well. You're alleging an "inconsistency" that doesn't exist, that could simply be a difference in emphasis. At most, the difference could be explained by the fact that we're discussing two different centuries. As I already mentioned, a society can change a lot in a hundred years. So there is no inconsistency here.

Not sure what you're talking about when you bring up New York, Moscow, Kyoto, Brussels, etc. Care to explain?
Trip Tucker said that 1940s New York City was not like the one he knew. Chekov mentioned being familiar with Moscow. Hoshi Sato was born in Kyoto and had a pen pal from Brisbane. Devinoni Ral was born in Brussels. Dr. Paul Stubbs once observed nanite production in Dakar. Lisbon was where Admiral Leyton sent Red Squad to sabotage the global power grid. Dr. Phlox attended Mass at St. Peter's Square in the Vatican, an enclave within Rome.

Who get's the F?

With fact checking like that, no wonder fan fiction gets such a bad rep.
Says the guy who can't be bothered to check Memory Alpha to find out what all my city references were about. If you're going to be this childish and rude, I won't continue the conversation.
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