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Re: Voyager Fanfics, Creations, and Favorite Videos

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This is for Alpha Flyer:

I am such a sucker.. maybe it was the song but this vid actually opened the J/P window for me. I've posted before about Janeway's type being a warm hearted handyman with intellect and while watching this BOOM I epiphanied that this is actually Tom territory. He's also.. "provocative" the very word Janeway requested for her perfect holo-man.

However I think he is ultimately too young for her. She always goes for the older men. That said get another 7 years on both of them and I can see it. The difference won't mean as much then.

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Ohhh, Teacake -- THANK YOU! :-) Yes, this is one of the all-time great J/P videos. There are a few others out there; this one stands out because it actually incorporates a spot of lizard synchronicity, however briefly.

But ya know, I disagree with you on that age difference thing. Many of us reasonably successful, strong women don't mind the younger ones, for a variety of reasons. There was a great line in a fan fic I read eons ago (can't be bothered to look it up so it's from memory, but it was by MissParkerSomething) and went like this: "Being with Mark was like slipping into a comfortable sweater with a cup of tea and your favourite book; being with Tom was like stealing a shuttlecraft and taking it for a joy ride." VROOM VROOM.
Oh that's so true.. and I am a huge proponent of NuKirk/Janeway. We had a whole story worked out in the HiJs thread at one point. You can read about it in this post:

And on a personal note mr. teacake is 13 years younger than me so believe me I know all about the sweater vs the shuttle. I can just see Janeway's frustration if she was with the older Mark and he was all ready to start slowing and settling and she was like.. EXCUSE ME?! I mean look at ADMIRAL Janeway, can you see such a dynamic woman with ancient creaky Mark. Okay he is useful for looking after the dog but..

Someone is going to get insulted here but men do seem to calcify rather early on. Every single male peer I have is a complete luddite. Understand I am talking about state of mind, not body when I say "ancient and creaky".
(Begs the question what being with Chakotay would have been like -- Day Five of a weeklong conference on the impact of climate change on the growth patterns of Arctic Moss in the Siberian Tundra?)
This was the best thing I ever read.


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