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Re: Who likes Spock/Uhura too?

And then, of course, there's the whole question of what's wrong with trying to attract teenage girls? Isn't that what Chekov was for? And wasn't Spock's sex appeal responsible for bringing a huge influx of female viewers into fandom in the first place? Just like all those curvy guest-stars in the William Theiss costumes were intended to attract teenage boys and their fathers?

I'm not sure when we decided that Trek was supposed to be above that sort of thing. Lord knows Roddenberry wasn't!

It's funny. Just this week I got a piece of fan mail that (politely) objected to the fact that Kirk was fooling around with a sexy female stowaway in one of my books. The reader conceded that this sort of thing went on in the original show, but thought that it didn't belong in a modern-day STAR TREK book. And I've occasionally run into other fans who maintained that sex and romance had no place in Trek. I admit this baffles me.

People don't have hormones in the 23rd century?
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