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Re: My rambling thoughts on BSG after a full series run-through

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In Battlestar Galatica there is just God, and he can reach back in time several billion years and create another Earth on demand when Kara plugs in the coordinates to the BSG jump drive for the last time.
I'm not sure if you're being rhetorical, or what, but just for the record, this didn't happen. Earth—the real Earth—was established as existing at the climax of season three in "Crossroads, Part 2," in the zoom shot on the galaxy.

Also, there is a matter of interpretation, as it is an open question exactly who or what God is in nuBSG. It is true, and I will agree on this point, that God is a mystery. That much, and more, is certainly in common with what people in real life consider God to be. However, at the series climax in "Daybreak, Part 2," words are attributed to the being known as God by Head Baltar, that God doesn't like the name God, which would seem to be at odds with the Judeo-Christian God.

yes, the nature of the BSG god is kept mysterious, but it is still shown that it is basically pulling all the strings, and has been from day one. It's kind of like Oedipis Rex I guess, which I also didn't like. Again, if the story is "Human puppets get moved around like chess pieces by God," it's just not that interesting as drama to me.Which is not to say that I have an issue with subtle religious themes in entertainment, but blatant "God did it" stories I do have an issue with.
But with 90%+ of Series resulting in being God explained away as "Superior Intelligence/Alien", don't you need this 10% or less in order to maintain your disbelief it might not end with being explained away? If there's no possible way a story could ever end with a real unexplained "God", doesn't that take some of the mystery out of it?
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