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Re: Cancelled! The Game

Plenty of mass-taste TV shows and movies get pirated, for movies especially.

2012 top pirated TV shows.

Mixed bag of intellectual fare like Game of Thrones and Mad Men, and mainstream stuff like How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory and Desperate Housewives.

The movies lists are even more squarely cenetered on mass market tastes:

Top pirated movies.

So yeah, The Avengers, Hunger Games, Dark Knight, Battleship - a lot of the standard big hits - plus The Dictator and some other stuff I havent heard of, but not exactly intellectual material. Two rom-coms and a movie with Zac Efron. (Funny - where's Spider-Man?)

So it doesnt look to me like piracy is hurting the good stuff any more than it hurts the middlebrow stuff and the crappy stuff.
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