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Re: Pine: Star Trek 2 Threat

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You guys are missing a big hint in that story...

“The force [the Enterprise crew] are met with is much more frightening.
It's Mitchell. He's the character who best fits "frightening force." Maybe Lord Garth, outside odds on Gary Seven, but Khan is less lkely than a herd of tribbles. He represents a threatening idea more than a force, and popcorn movies are poor places to explore ideas. Mitchell and his glowing eyes are tailor made for a summer flick.
Not that I wouldn't mind Mitchell, but the comics are canon.
I refer you to this post:
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Orci stated at Comic-Con, when pressed, that all of the recent IDW Star Trek comic books are canon...
And he's already walked back that statement:

Bob Orci wrote:
0h please. have a little fun. i said and have said exactly what you just said forever, but Pascale pushed me, he wont give up! i have said a million times that we cant determine what is canon. on this day, i said something else. “consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds”
(Source: comment #102 in this TrekMovie post.)

So the comics still aren't considered canonical. Basically an interviewer was pushing the question and trying to convince Orci to declare he would treat Abramsverse Trek tie-ins as the same kind of non-binding "canon" as Star Wars tie-ins, and Orci just played along, probably because it was easier than arguing.
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