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Re: Who likes Spock/Uhura too?

I really like the relationship. I think it adds complexity to both characters, and it sets a ground work for future character development.

Most people have to find balance in their lives. They have to find a way to work efficiently with people they don't necessarily like, they have friendships, they have romantic relationships. They also have to find a way to make all of these things work together.

I agree with this:

Greg Cox wrote: View Post
I was impressed by the mature and understanding way Uhura dealt with Spock during the turbolift scene, right after his mom died. She didn't get all mushy and insist that he react emotionally like a human would. She respected his need to try to hang onto to his Vulcan composure and simply asked him what he needed at that time . . . .
So I fail to see how two people trying to find their way towards a mature work/relationship balance is "pandering" to anyone when the majority of people do this every day.
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