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Re: Product placement

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Will there be more blatant product placement like Nokia and Budweiser in the next Trek film?
Yes, I think there will be. Probably more blatant now that they know they can get away with it.

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What do you think?
I think it's stupid, and doesn't make sense in Star Trek. It made sense in IV because of the time travel, as you said. The idea of Multi Billion Dollar corporations still plugging away in the 23rd century does not fit with Star Trek. Kirk driving his corvette listening to BEASTY BOYS answering his nokia phone and ordering budweisers sounds like a bad nightmare of a movie. too bad it really happened. even worse that fans swallowed it up and ask for more.
Why doesn't it make sense? Where doea it said that corporations do not exist in Star Trek? Do you think that Corvettes, Budwiser and the Beastie Boys will somehow disappear from history? That Humans are so "enlightened" that they won't find the vehicles and music of the past interesting and only drink "boutique beers"? Frankly that makes less sense than beer, the Beastie Boys and Corvettes not existing in the future.
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