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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

I got through parts 1 & 2 of "Spearhead from Space" last week. It's actually the very first Doctor Who I ever watched back when my aunt loaned me some DVDs back in 2004. I'd say I certainly like this story a lot more now that I actually understand what the hell is going on and who all these people are.

Even then, it feels kinda like a different show than even most of the other Pertwee serials. But the whole thing looks amazing on film. It's a shame most of the rest of the show wasn't shot on film too.

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Time Flight, good example of how quickly the Doctor can move on after losing a companion.
Oh, he was always looking for a graceful way to ditch Tegan. I mean, do you see how excruciating he finds the prospect of her joining up with them again at the end of "Arc of Infinity"? He hates that idea even more than Tegan & Nyssa hate the idea of the Doctor inviting Turlough along with them at the end of "Mawdryn Undead."

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I find it even sadder that I'll never be able to make that claim because not all episodes can be watched anymore.
Well, if you've seen all of the ones that do still exist, I call that a good faith effort. You can still claim "all" by that point. In fact, I don't even think episodes should count against one's total until they've been released on DVD. So you're off the hook for "Reign of Terror," "The Tenth Planet," "The Ice Warriors," "The Ambassadors of Death," "The Mind of Evil," "Terror of the Zygons," "Airlock," & "The Underwater Menace, Part 2." (What about "Planet of the Giants"? Is that out yet?)
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