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Re: NFL 2012 - Drive to Glory

MIN-JAX was 3 2/3 quarters of awful football. The last three minutes/OT were outstanding.

Stats wise, Ponder's read a bit better than he played. Same with Gabbert: he mist a wide open receiver in the endzone on a drive that netted a FG. He makes that pass, the end never happens.

Still, happy with the Vikes win. 4-12 Is looking like a real possibility.

Akers kick at the end of the first-half in the GB/SF game was pretty epic.

I hope they can hold on. Having GB start the season in last place would make my week.

I will say the winner of that game visits Lombardi this year--my premature pick of the year.

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NFL Redzone is pretty much the best channel ever.
Yeah it kind of is.

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Why did the Titans not field a defense?
They don't have one?
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