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Re: I'm rewatching Merlin.

(actually) 1x11. the Labyrinth of Grendal.

Arthur kills a Unicorn. Every week they kill a horrible monster, and then all breath a sigh of relief. You would think that all those monster would actually seek out a way to have a curse rouse up upon their termination? Poison the wells and all.

And really if Unicorn steaks are just scrumdiddlyumptions, doesn't that make the unicorns kinda assholes for keep their asses out of the the local butchers?

A ridiculous moral fable where Arthur has to prove that he's not a dick, as if good people who are hungry wouldn't want to eat a unicorn either? i mean seriously he catches a thief, and to ass this teast, he has to not cut the guys hands off as says the law? ridiculous.... And it goes on.

Shades of the Princess Bride with drinking this poison, which just turns into a huge test of Arthurs nobility.

99 times out a hundred is a unicorn is shot in a forest, that shooting is going to be done by a Millers son or a mercinary, but these tests are to make sure a king will be a good king.

I smell a set up.


4 out of 10.
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