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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

tomswift2002 wrote: View Post
Don't forget that in the later seasons and DS9 we always saw the other galaxies with the Voyager bench seat.
IIRC, the only other Galaxy Class bridge we saw in the whole of Trek apart from the Enterprise-D and the Yamato was the Odyssey, and that appeared to be a redress of the Excelsior/Enterprise-A bridge that was more recently (at the time) the Prometheus bridge from "Second Sight" (which would go on to become the second Prometheus & Equinox bridges in Voyager).

davejames wrote: View Post
So just how many versions of Measure of a Man are we going to get? Seems like there's both an "HD Extended" and "Hybrid Extended" version now.

Which I guess means they were only able to find some of the missing footage?
From the wording of the description on that TrekCore page, it sounds like they were able to find the original film footage of extended scenes only, i.e. footage trimmed from existing scenes already in the final episode, and that any scenes that were completely cut from the episode couldn't be found, and will only be in the Hybrid cut.

That's my theory anyway.

senten wrote: View Post
Trekcore seem to think there's something quite amazing to come on the S02 Bluray not yet announced.

What are the chances this could be a never before seen episode?
Absolutely none?
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