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It's also very plausible that Will would be so invested in pursuing this because he's himself a Republican (a moderate/liberal one) and sees his party taken over and shift to the right.
That's key right there. Will is representing people like respected six-term Indiana Senator Dick Lugar, who was ousted by a Tea Party candidate despite his conservative leanings because he readily worked with and compromised with the opposition party like a politician is supposed to do. Lugar is moderate by the standards of the current extremist Republican Party, but he's not really that moderate, and yet the Tea Party considered him a threat to their way of thinking that needed to be taken out.

It shouldn't be a partisan issue. The Tea Party represents more of a threat to the Republican Party than they do to the Democrats, and moderate Republicans shouldn't just circle the wagons around a perceived attack against their party, because the attack is coming from inside the circle.
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