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Re: I want Data back...

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Equally the theory B-4 could evolve like Data was unfounded, Picard just assumed it.
No, he gave him the chance to try. As you would with any sentient being. Neither Picard nor anyone else has the right to say that B-4 isn't entitled to exist just because he's below the normal level of intelligence. That kind of discrimination is anathema to everything the Federation stands for.

Also it's very different when it comes to people.
Why? That just sounds like more discrimination -- that those who are different from yourself don't deserve the same rights.

B-4 is a member of the same "species" as Data. If B-4 isn't a person, then neither is Data. And if Data is a person, then so is B-4. And why should B-4 have less right to exist only because he's less intelligent? Everyone is less intelligent than Data. Did he have the right to kill Picard or Riker in order to preserve his own, more intelligent mind?

I think a good equivalent is those labour holograms from Flesh and Blood, they had no potential to be more than interactive humanoid-shaped tools. They weren't people nor could they ever be, the same could be true of B-4, his purpose could've been to just demo the physical model - see if the form could walk and talk, nothing more.
You can't prove that, and I don't think it fits the evidence. And frankly if there's any doubt about the question, the ethical thing is to assume that he is sentient unless proven otherwise. If you assume he's sentient and he isn't, then no harm is done. But if you assume he isn't sentient and he actually is, then you're guilty of violating a sentient being's rights and possibly even of murder. The choice is obvious, or should be.

Isn't "differently abled" a more accessible term? I mean it has far less negative connotations.
But it's pretentious and awkward and smacks of "PC." "Abled" isn't even a word.
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