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"etchings" is an old code word. I guess in Janeway's time it's "replicator prowess". What is it today I wonder.. used to be "my music collection" but now we all own everything on our hard drives so no one cares.
Ah, I see now. I've learned something new today.

If Janeway wasn't wooing the man she would have been cold as ice. I'm sure anyone around them, like EVERYONE ON THE BRIDGE (lol) would have seen this little play and been.. perplexed. Or jealous. Or worried. I wonder if she confided in anyone during this time?
She was still pretty cold, but not enough so as to completely turn him off. The Bridge crew probably was perplexed as they're used to seeing Janeway being calm and reserved, but such an outright flirtatious attitude would be a bit of a moment for all of them.

I bet Tuvok was part of it, along with Chakotay. If there is anyone on the ship that she trusts the most, it's those two. I would bet that Tuvok secretly advised her of the likelihood of Kashyk's deceit, and Chakotay probably agreed, urging Janeway to listen.

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Kashyk is the only one of Janeway's special friends I can bear, even if he is a creep like the others. Ditto what everyone else has said (palpable sexual tension, yadda, yadda...) but what really sets this episode apart from other Trek for me is that it uses Mahler. Frakking Mahler in Star Trek
Oh yes...the Mahler. Such a delightful musical number to use on Star Trek. I love the opening for that. The classical music is so different compared to the usual soundtrack that the show uses and it's very refreshing.
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