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Re: Who likes Spock/Uhura too?

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And by the way, you need to update your appearances on your website. 2011 has come and past. Lyla is beautiful. She looks really pretty and girly. I could tell she was a she before reading the name. And of course the cats look nice too. Forgive my poking around, but you have the link there in your signature, and I just clicked.
Hey, I put that link there so people will poke around!

And, yeah, I seriously need to update that website. It's missing the Dark Knight Rises book, the upcoming Leverage book, the next Star Trek book, etc. Plus, sad to say, two of those cats are no longer with us . . . although I can't bring myself to delete their photos yet.

And that's a really old photo of Lyla, too, although I'm probably never going to change it. That's such a great photo of her!

As soon as I get out from beneath some pressing deadlines, I'll take an evening off to update it, I promise!

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