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Re: I want Data back...

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Yeah, but we're not discussing what will happen, we're discussing what we want to happen. And I want Data to stay dead.
I must say...I agree.

So many characters have been resurrected, death seems only a vacation for star trek characters these days. As comics can attest to, this is not a good thing.
Once in a while, if the writers decide for a character to die, they should deal with the aftermath of this event instead of opting for fantasy wish-fulfillment.
But fantasy is the whole point of storytelling. Particulalry in science fiction and it's related genres.

"Realism" is only appropriate for real life. Otherwise it's meaningless.
That depends on what you think the purpose of a particular work of art is, and in particular upon what you think the purpose of Star Trek as a work of art is.

Is Star Trek just there to provide emotional relief from the real world, to be escapism that has no obligation to maintain verisimilitude? To be something that makes you happy, but doesn't delve into other aspects of life that are perhaps more unpleasant? To be, in other words, a live-action Disney movie set in space?

Or is Star Trek there to delve into other aspects of life that are less pleasant? To say something about life beyond the parts of it that are good and pleasant? To be something other than a flight of fancy for its audience to escape the real world?
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