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What for? He's by no means a great President, but what has he done that is so outlandishly terrible that the show needs to call him out on it?
Staying in Afghanistan for example.

Watch the video FPAlpha posted, particularly the part from 5:15 on. It's hyperbolic, but it gets the points across.
Its a partisan rant.I listened to it.

They believe that Obama is a socialist out to turn America into a communist state when he's very much a centrist leader.
Plenty of people on the left belived that Bush was a fascist. i he was one Obama is a bigger one since he expanded the power of the executive branch.

They have a very poor grasp on reality, and that's why I consider them loony.
Most voters do, look at the terrible people who get elected all the time.


They believe that 30 years of trickle-down economics that widened inequality didn't work because taxes for the rich are still too high.
Depends on how do youdefine rich. What do you consider is rich?

They believe that the budget deficit must be addressed now, while still believing that taxes must be cut at the same time. And
And they also want a muscular military. At the same time dems embraced the Bush foreign policy. People on both sides have cognitive dissonance.

nd a large number of them buy into a paranoid conspiracy theory that Obama isn't really an American.
Are there more then left wing 911 truthers?

Quoting foxhot posts:

He also said the Tea Party was lunatic fringe. Some of them whom I've heard in person seem to confirm that, such as the blonde-haired nutjob who screamed ''Obama is the devil'' to her five-year-old son.
Tere are plenty of nuts in both parties, especially considering that most voters are old and if this goes their metal wheel will start malfunctioning.

ut TGB didn't mention the entire modern Republican Party in its entirety. As Will McAvoy demonstrates, Republican is not necessarily synonymous with tea party. Even though McAvoy's a creation of a Democratic writer, there's still credence to that theory. I've come to think lately that Reps and Dems aren't the true problem, but conservatives and liberals. Reps and Dems will occcasionally listen......
I don't see him critcizing dems. David Frum does that and McAvoyis supposed to be a David Frum republican.
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