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I have the official blueprints for the Enterprise D and there is a Captain's yaht, though I think Picard did not use it, it is part of the starship and detaches much like the saucer section does, which only occurred twice in the series.
Actually the saucer separated three times (four if you include Generations). And the official blueprints are not considered canon.
So am I to assume that the Enterprise doesn't have bathrooms in the official cannon, since they don't show them?
Bathrooms, yes. We've seen as much even in TNG. Just not toilets. Considering whatever they've got on a starship has to be designed to accommodate any conceivable species of any conceivable configuration that would need to use the head, it could be that you're supposed stick your ass/tail/ovipositor/whatever in a specialized replicator slot, do your business and let the transporter beam it away.
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