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Re: I'm rewatching Merlin.

1x12 To kill the king.

If you're a complete bastard to the core does that count as an inner bastard, if there's just a consistent mass of bastardicity... but merlin is doing a hamlet all contemplating his navel bout whether to allow Morgana's plot to kill her dad because that dragon thinks that it's about tim Arthur stepped up tot he plate.

Reminds me of babylon5.

"But we can't both be Emperor."

"Of course not. One of you will be Emperor after the other is dead."

But because Uthur executes Gwen's pappy, and locks Morgana up in his dungeon, it feels like it's time to go with the flow. You would have to wonder how perfect the future would be if merlin didn't continuously disagree with the Dragon? Kill the Uthur, kill Mordred, kill Morgana... The thousand years of peace and prosperity that was supposed to happen gets dumbed down into a threesome and a dirty week end. How sad.

Bad Merlin.

Merlin remember that he has a boomstick.

Good Merlin.

7 out of ten.
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