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During the bloody 45 hours that was the Federation/Klingon War of 2267, nine separate engagements took place across 4 different sectors along the disputed zone, involving 100s of ships on both sides. Forty-seven Federation starships were destroyed or damaged beyond repair, and a further thirteen were deemed crippled, but salvageable.

During a skirmish in the Archanis sector, the USS King Henry X (NCC-1172), a Constitution-class heavy cruiser, was severely damaged protecting a troop convoy. The dorsal side of it's primary hull was ripped open by multiple disruptor strikes, and its secondary hull suffered enough damage to nearly cause a catastrophic breach in her main deuterium tanks.

After the cessation of hostilities (due to the intervention of the Organians), the King Henry X was towed to the nearest Federation starbase for repairs. The Engineering team declared the secondary hull a total loss, but thought that the saucer was salvageable with a little work. Starfleet contemplated simply scrapping the ship, but the need to bring ships back on the line as quickly as possible led to the consideration of other options.

Examining the damage report, it was ultimately decided to refit the saucer and replace the secondary hull with a prototype being considered as a single landing bay variant/refit for the Coronado-class cruisers. Some significant modifications were made both to the secondary hull, and to the saucer, which saw a slight increase in superstructure to partially compensate for the loss of volume in the secondary.

The repairs and modifications to the King Henry X were completed, the ship re-designated a "light" cruiser, and she was returned to service in 2268. She served an additional 22 years, including five as a training vessel and was retired in 2290.

The King Henry X was named for the monarch of Great Britain whose courage and dedication, despite his advanced years, saw England through the horrors of World War III.
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