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Re: Renaissance Class

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Yeah, I guess what you see as a neck I see as merely the secondary hull rising up to meet the saucer. Like on Voyager, as I said. Anyway, please don't take my comments as discouragement. I'd love to see this progress.
Heheh, it's cool. It's all still rough right now so it's likely to change around quite a bit before I find something that works.

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Hey Andymator I think you've got the shape spot on. In Comic images of starships, most artists do not stay faithful to a design from panel to panel, so it looks like yours is damned good!
Thanks man!

I've done a little more research, which doesn't really add anything substantial to help me heheheh.


The Star Trek Encyclopedia - page 406


"Conjectural designation for a type of Fereration vessel. The U.S.S. Aries, offered for Riker to command in 2365, was a Renaissance-class ship ('The Icarus Factor' [TNG]), as was the U.S.S. Hornet ('Redemption Part II' [TNG]). Named for the period in European history when civilization as we know it had a dramatic rebirth, or renaissance.

Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual - page 174

LIFEBOATS (Autonomous Survival and Recovery Vehicle)

"The first group of ASRVs were delivered in 2337 in time to be fitted to the last Renaissance class starship, the USS Hokkaido, and with minimal hardware and software changes were chosen as the lifeboats for the Galaxy class."


So, aside from the escape pod thing, not much to go on there...
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